Public bus transport confirmed for the Sudirman Cup, 21st-28th May 2017

With the 2017 Gold Coast Sudirman Cup just over a month away the public transport route via bus has been confirmed as the easiest way to access the venue for attendees.

Public transport via bus will operate throughout the 8-day tournament from the 21st-28th of May. The route to access the venue will be the 745 bus, operating between Nerang Station (alight from Brisbane rail) and Broadbeach South station, located opposite Pacific Fair Shopping Center. Additional public and private transportation options are also available from both Nerang Station and Broadbeach South station for attendees continuing their journey.

To gain access to the venue, attendees must exit the bus at the Riverside Home Caravan Park, this is the 1st stop from Nerang Station. The Carrarra sports and Leisure precinct is then just a short 10-15-minute walk across the road at the lights and along a flat footpath that takes you directly to the stadium.

Buses will run every 30 minutes until 12:00am during the week. The timetable can be located on the Translink bus timetable for route 745 found at 

Additionally, all buses are wheelchair and access friendly.

England withdraws; Germany Promoted

The English national team has officially announced their withdrawal from the 2017 TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup, allowing Germany the opportunity to compete vie for the prestigious Sudirman Cup Trophy.

England has officially withdrawn from competing in the 2017 TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup, with the sudden change allowing Germany to now compete in the coveted Group 1C. Germany will face tough competitors Japan and Malaysia, with Japan taking on Germany on Day One.

Vietnam, Scotland and Canada will now all move up, promoting New Zealand from Group3A and filling the final spot of Group2A. Vietnam will be the first to take on New Zealand on Day One of competition. New Caledonia, Macau and Guam will not be affected and all will remain in their current Group3A positions.

The match schedule has been revised to ensure all 27 teams competing in the Gold Coast 2017 TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup are given the best-possible presentation for the international event.

Match Schedule is Out!

The match schedule for the 28 teams competing in the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2017 is out. Click here.

  • The 8 days competition commences Sunday 21st May will have two sessions everyday except for the finals on Sunday 28th May. Sessions commencing times are 12pm and 6pm daily.
  • The 28 teams are placed in 3 Groups based on the team respective world rankings. Group 1 has 12 teams (4 groups of 3 teams per group), Group 2 has 8 teams (2 groups of 4 teams per group) including Australia and Group 3 has 8 teams (2 groups of 4 teams per group).
  • Teams in Groups 2 & 3 will generally complete their 3 round robin ties on Day 5 and will have play offs on Day 6.
  • Teams in Group 1 will complete their 2 round robin ties on Day 4 with the two top teams from each group progressing to a quarter-finals playoff on Day 5 & 6.
  • Day 7 has two sessions for semi-finals and Day 8 is the Final.



For Ticketing go to:

The ticketing packages available are:

  •  All sessions (all 8 days)
  •  Finals sessions (Day 7 & 8: Semi-finals & Finals)
  •  Daily Tickets
  •  Group Stage (Day 1-6)
  •  Group 1 Country Specific (2 round robin ties between Day 1-4)


Group 1 Country Specific

  1. China                     (Day 1 & Day 4)
  2. Denmark               (Day 2 & Day 4)
  3. Korea                    (Day 1 & Day 4)
  4. Japan                    (Day 1 & Day 4)
  5. Malaysia                (Day 3 & Day 4)
  6. Indonesia              (Day 3 & Day 4)
  7. Thailand                (Day 2 & Day 4)
  8. Chinese Taipei       (Day 2 & Day 4)
  9. India                      (Day 2 & Day 3)
  10. England                 (Day 1 & Day 3)
  11. Hong Kong            (Day 1 & Day 2)
  12. Russia                    (Day 1 & Day 2)

2017 Total BWF Sudirman Cup Team Draw Announced

Host city, Gold Coast, Australia announces global team draw for the prestigious 2017 TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup.

Host city the Gold Coast, Australia has been given the top honour of announcing the global draw for the prestigious 2017 TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup at a special event which took place at Jupiter’s Casino on March 17th.

In the presence of hundreds of TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup ambassadors the seeding of all 28 teams competing in the May 21st-28th event were announced.

Host nation Australia, has entered the tough Group 2 competition, going up against Singapore, the USA and Austria in their draw. Defending champions China, have already begun planning their title defence, finding themselves in position one of Group 1A against Thailand and Hong Kong, China.

 The mile stone announcement was the first to take place within Australia, with the Gold Coast 2017 TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup being the first non-European or Asian destination to host the global event since its founding in 1989.

Total BWF Sudirman Cup 2017 Group 3 will consist of –

Group 3A

  1. New Zealand
  2. New Caledonia
  3. Macau
  4. Guam

Group 3B

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Slovakia
  3. Tahiti
  4. Fiji

Total BWF Sudirman Cup 2017 Group 2 will consist of –

Group 2A

  1. Germany
  2. Vietnam
  3. Scotland
  4. Canada

Group 2B

  1. Singapore
  2. Australia
  3. United States of America
  4. Austria

Total BWF Sudirman Cup 2017 Group 1 will consist of –

Group 1A

  1. China
  2. Thailand
  3. Hong Kong

Group 1B

  1. Korea
  2. Chinese Taipei  
  3. Russia

Group 1C

  1. Japan
  2. Malaysia
  3. England

Group 1D

  1. Denmark
  2. Indonesia
  3. India

Seeding (Groupings) and Match Schedule

BWF have seeded the 32 teams competing in the 2017 TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup.

Group 1 comprises the 12 top seeded teams with Russia taking the last spot over Germany.

Group 2 has 8 teams and Australia for the first time in its Sudirman Cup history are in this group being seeded 16th seed.

Group 3 has 8 teams whose seeding are 21st to 28th.

Group 4 has 4 teams and include countries like Macau, Tahiti, Fiji and Guam.


A draft outline schedule showing the proposed group play for each day.

The official draw will be conducted on Friday 17 March in Kuala Lumpur by BWF following which the outline schedule will show the head to head of each country.

Sudirman Cup a Smash in China Town

The Gold Coast Sudirman Cup team hosts event information booth at China Town – Southport to inspire locals to join the 2017 Sudirman Cup action.

The 2017 Sudirman Cup team encouraged locals to join them on the 4th of March for an activation event held at Little China Town, Southport on the Gold Coast. The event provided a taste of the excitement and action that is to be expected when 32 countries descend on the Gold Coast from the 21st-28th of May 2017 to compete in the international badminton tournament hosted at the newly built Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre located in Carrara. The successful activation booth gave locals the chance to show off their badminton skills on a mini net, sign up for giveaways and exclusive event information and meet the team personally.



500 million households globally set to watch broadcast of world’s second most popular sport


Minister for Tourism and Major Events Kate Jones, the Hon. Steven Ciobo MP, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Mayor of the City of Gold Coast Tom Tate, Consular Dignitaries and Community Leaders representing seven countries and Badminton Australia officials today came together at Southport Broadwater Parklands to announce the 32 countries that will compete for top honours at the globally-celebrated Total BWF Sudirman Cup 2017.

Children in traditional dress – representing some of the biggest badminton nations globally – were also on hand to celebrate the world team championships of badminton coming to Australia for the first time in the Sudirman Cup’s 25 year history.

The TV broadcast for the Sudirman Cup will see the hugely popular event watched by more than 500 million households globally, with badminton ranking as the world’s second most popular sport – just behind soccer.

Minister Jones said the event would deliver a significant economic boost and international exposure for the Gold Coast.

“We are looking forward to hosting the Sudirman Cup 2017 and the BWF annual general meeting on the Gold Coast in May,” Ms Jones said.

“Together, these two events are expected to inject around $10 million into the local economy – which is good news for Gold Coast businesses and jobs.

“Hosting world-renowned events like this also allow us to showcase Queensland to a global audience, drive international and interstate visitor nights and grow the State’s economy.

“With many of the world’s top badminton countries travelling to the City to compete in this championship event, it will be an excellent prelude to the upcoming Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. 

“Through Tourism and Events Queensland, our Government is continuing to work hard to attract world-class events which deliver the best tourism outcomes and exceptional value for the people of Queensland.”

Federal Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment and Gold Coast MP, Steven Ciobo, said the event would help drive visitors to the Gold Coast.

“Thirteen of the 32 countries playing in the Sudirman Cup are Australia’s top tourism markets. These countries make up 78 per cent of total international visitor spend and 79 per cent of international arrivals to Australia.

“This event will attract more than 1,500 competitors from over 30 countries and a global television audience of more than 500 million, cementing the Gold Coast’s reputation as a premier destination for hosting sporting events.

 “This is the first time the Sudirman Cup has been held in Australia. It's an opportunity to showcase to the world that the Gold Coast has it all – stunning beaches, unique nature and wildlife, a vibrant food and wine scene and, of course, world class events.”

Official guests had the opportunity to get an up-close look at the one-of-a-kind Sudirman Cup trophy. The replica shuttlecock gold-platted trophy stands at an impressive 80cms tall and is located on the Gold Coast as the countdown to the week-long event swings into motion.

The Sudirman Cup will be staged from May 21-28 at the Gold Coast Sports & Leisure Centre, the new sporting precinct for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games™ (GC2018). It will be the first major event held at the Centre before GC2018.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said he hoped locals and interstate visitors would support the event and create an exciting atmosphere at the new sports centre.

“This is a unique opportunity for us to show our community spirit and our enthusiasm for sports – to a television audience of 500 million - so let’s all become badminton fans and put the Gold Coast on the map,” he said.

“Tickets to the Sudirman Cup 2017 are on-sale and already selling fast. And with this announcement of all the countries participating, we’re expecting another surge in ticket sales and for the finals event days to sell out quickly. The Sudirman Cup is the premier badminton team event globally and we’re very proud that Australia – which is not generally considered to be one of the world powerhouses of the sport – is set to host it. It says a lot about the calibre of our facilities and the draw of the Gold Coast as a desirable destination that we’re hosting the tournament in Australia for the first time ever,” added Geraldine Brown, President, Badminton Australia.

Tickets for the Total BWF Sudirman Cup 2017 are on-sale now and available at:


The full list of 32 countries who will compete at the 2017 Total Sudirman Cup on the Gold Coast are:

Country (Continent)

China (Asia)

Hong Kong (Asia)

India (Asia)

Indonesia (Asia)

Japan (Asia)

Korea (Asia)

Malaysia (Asia)

Singapore (Asia)

Sri Lanka (Asia)

Thailand (Asia)

Vietnam (Asia)

Chinese Taipei (Asia)

Macau (Asia)

Austria (Europe)

Denmark (Europe)

Germany (Europe)

Netherlands (Europe)

England (Europe)

Spain (Europe)

Sweden (Europe)

Scotland (Europe)

Slovakia (Europe)

Russia (Europe)

Australia (Oceania)

Tahiti (Oceania)

New Zealand (Oceania)

Guam (Oceania)

Fiji (Oceania)

New Caledonia (Oceania)

Canada (Pan Am)

Mexico (Pan Am)

USA (Pan Am)