England withdraws; Germany Promoted

The English national team has officially announced their withdrawal from the 2017 TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup, allowing Germany the opportunity to compete vie for the prestigious Sudirman Cup Trophy.

England has officially withdrawn from competing in the 2017 TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup, with the sudden change allowing Germany to now compete in the coveted Group 1C. Germany will face tough competitors Japan and Malaysia, with Japan taking on Germany on Day One.

Vietnam, Scotland and Canada will now all move up, promoting New Zealand from Group3A and filling the final spot of Group2A. Vietnam will be the first to take on New Zealand on Day One of competition. New Caledonia, Macau and Guam will not be affected and all will remain in their current Group3A positions.

The match schedule has been revised to ensure all 27 teams competing in the Gold Coast 2017 TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup are given the best-possible presentation for the international event.